Election Analytics: The Art and Science of Connecting With People
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Politics are often discussed in casual conversations during supper. It will be far more productive if we could analyze this system at a deeper level. In a democratic setup, it is said that a ballot is more powerful than a bullet. Citizens eagerly wait for the day when a new start can be made by their votes. But other than reaching the polling station and pressing their favorite symbol, a lot remains undiscovered in this science of connecting with the masses. How do democratic nations organize elections? What happens after voting? Are there any techniques to predict the election results? How is data analyzed to reach the potential voters? Can citizens fall into the trap of political ideologies? Are political parties capable of manipulating the results? With the help of this module, penetrate the domain of political power and what goes around voting.

What if we are not as fair-minded as we think we are? What if we are actually prejudiced but are unaware of it?
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