Designing with Recyclability in Mind
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Imagine walls of your room that you could almost eat into? Or scribble on paper made from cardboard beds that the 2020 Olympics unveiled for the athletes? Think iPods making its way back into your iPhones? Fun it may sound, but design principles for recyclability is opening up diverse applications of components used in building a product today. Essentially, remade made easy through smart designing.

Goods have a higher purpose today – they are made to recycle in the modern times. Even after you trash them, they find their way back to the manufacturer for recycling. Gradual transition towards sustainability is slowly steering the world towards awe-inspiring innovations and incredible design. Brands are thus considering smarter ways to recycle right from the design stage to keep the resources in the economy longer and create value without creating waste. There is more to it than meets the eye in the world of fashion, technology, automobile, architecture, and environment.

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