Conflict Minerals: How Minerals Fuel Conflict
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Our earth is a treasure house of numerous precious resources. Many of them exist as minerals and are used in our smart gadgets, make-up kits, vehicles, and jewelry. As consumers, we utilize the end product without being aware of the functionality of these minerals. Though we may excuse our ignorance about the end product’s construction, it is time to open our eyes to the sourcing of these elements. There are high chances that the gadget on which you are reading this is linked to child labor practice at the lowest level of the mining hierarchy. Or your next purchase of a smartphone might be funding unauthorized military units in a far-off land. But vigilance is not the only solution to end this meshwork of conflict minerals. Law-makers, supply chains, governments, manufacturers, companies, and consumers need to act together to end this foul play.  What are conflict minerals? How do they abuse human rights? What is the connection between conflict minerals and armed groups? Is it possible to source them responsibly? Explore these questions in the module. 

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