Compliant Mechanisms: Bending Engineering Rules
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What is common between a paper clip, nail-cutter, your smartphone 'swipe', and a cutting-edge NASA space probe?

The flexible, hingeless COMPLIANT MECHANISM!

This revolutionary technique is powering future machines, ranging from innovative time-pieces to smartphones! Swiping, zooming, motion sensing, gaming, image stabilization, GPS, gesture recognition and other applications would not have been possible without the use of the miniature-sized mechanical and electro-mechanical elements (MEMS) designed on the basic principle of compliant mechanism. The same mechanics is responsible for saving us from global catastrophe by preventing nuclear weapons from going off. As they are best suited to harsh environments due to their lower failure rate and increased portability, compliant mechanisms have found their utility in various space research projects, automobiles, architecture, furniture, clothing, and construction. Read further to learn more about this latest technique…

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