Classic Fairy Tales Reconsidered
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Many moons ago, there lived a lovely little girl with her mother. They were very poor. One day, they were left with the last loaf of bread. The mother gave half to her daughter and ate the other half. Then, she told her to go to the woods and collect some berries for the lunch…

Before you are swept away with the girl’s adventures in the forest, let us stimulate a new search in their meaning, by revisiting them and pondering over the impact these fantasies have on us. 

Classic fairy tales have been preserved and passed on from generations, either in their original contour or an altered canvas. Defied of logic but full of magic and surprise, they fascinate all, stirring our curiosity and touching the spectrum of feelings to make way for new understandings. 

‘Fairy tales’ as they are called, are considered very important for children’s development. But did you know that they were meant for adults initially, as a source of entertainment? With the help of this module, let us rethink this tradition of imagination that has been passed from time to time and remains unmarred to this day.

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