BIOLUMINESCENCE: Mere Glow Or a Beacon of Light!
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Almost every one of us has been under the glowing spell of a firefly or a glowworm! Humans have long been enchanted and astonished by these creatures with their own internal light, but even their mates (and enemies too!) find it difficult to stay unaffected. 

But why do animals produce living light? 

For centuries we have only admired the marvel and the mystery of this luminous phenomenon, but now with the help of technological breakthroughs (such as improved color cameras, submersibles, and robots) scientists have been able to reveal these creatures and their behaviors long hidden in the plain sight. They are now able to unveil the amazing truth about the living lights of the sea—millions of luminous plankton that sparkle at night. They have been able to decipher the Morse code of fireflies—the actual flight path, and not just the dots and dashes are their courting rituals. They have understood the true intention of “femme fatale” that pluck an entrapped male firefly out of a spider’s web—it is not to rescue but to EAT it. Sometimes acting as a “burglar alarm', and at times leading the way as the ‘beacon of light’, the illuminating phenomenon of BIOLUMINESCENCE has evolved separately over 50 times in different species. From glowing tides to shimmery beads in deep caves, explore the fireworks of nature in the soil, on the land, and throughout the oceans. Learn how biologists and engineers are studying these chemicals events in living systems to make human life easier and safer…

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