AgriTech: Scope to Transform a Million Lives
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The food at your fork reaches there after a long and vital journey. With the evolution of the food industry, every step of this journey will be stamped by cutting-edge technology. This will ensure the finest quality, transparency, precision, and sufficient production for the growing population. It is time to put aside all our customary concepts about farming and welcome newfangled ideas with higher degrees of innovation. Imagine food being produced at high-tech greenhouses instead of open farms, moth-killing drones, using artificial intelligence to talk to plants and sense their behavior, computer-controlled agricultural environment, and much more. And all this with the new adage of obtaining more from less!

The road map to sustainable production stands against the pressing challenges of food security, climate crisis, and increasing pressure on natural resources. The world food system is reaching new levels of efficiency and preparing to transform the lives of millions. Read this module to gain insight. 

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