Adapt or Die: Importance of Change in Business
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Innovation is the key to adaptation and survival. Think about the million structures, modern technologies and newer products created in this exponential age. What we can confidently say is that we do not know how to think linearly. That is because we find a billion human neurons adapting, innovating, connecting, and creating together. Adaptability and innovation are like building Lego structures from a lot of Lego pieces on the table. More the number of pieces, the higher the possibilities to combine them and create new models. Each time it is fundamentally different from the earlier creation, that attracts a new set of customers each time. We live in an era of exponential change. And true for businesses, this change results from a large part of our world undergoing a massive transformation in the retail experience. Businesses must stay competitive and relevant. The need to constantly adapt to ever-evolving changes is key to grow naturally. Else, companies fail. Because, more often than not, business leaders are either incapable or unwilling to adapt to the changes in the business environment.

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