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Profile Building
Why Profile Building Is Important?

Profile building is a systematic, logical, research-based method to enhance your chances of achieving your educational and professional goals. In simpler terms, profile building is a process of developing projects and skills which can be showcased in your CV. 

By The Acadru Team | Oct 18, 2021

The aim of developing the profile is to create a database or a portfolio that can give a picture of your interests. Any activity undertaken to create awareness of your expertise, skills, achievements, and involvement to advance your career or education goals is a way to build your profile.

Why is it important?

Profile building is a tool through which you can introspect and bring out the capabilities and strengths within you, making yourself aware of your inner self thus becoming more confident to face the outside world.

An admission officer or prospective employer needs to see your career orientation, area of interest, overall achievements as well as lateral and creative thinking. Student with an impressive profile has much more chances of getting into the college of his/her own choice. Profile building is really very important to develop the overall personality of a student but it is not something that can be achieved overnight. 

It takes time, hence the early you start, greater are your chances of going to your dream college anywhere in the world. ‘Time and tide wait for none’. Once it has passed, you can only reflect on what has gone by. That is why as a student in high school, every decision you make can either make or break your career. With more time in hand, you can build a strong and unique profile.

  • 9th - the perfect time to start
  • 10th - good
  • 11th - you still have some time
  • 12th - LATE, you really need to rush if you want an impactful profile

A few reasons that profile building is very important at an early stage are:

  1. Improves your CV/resume
  2. Gives you an in-depth knowledge about topics/subjects you are passionate about
  3. Helps in skill building through projects
  4. Improves your chances of getting in to a college of your choice
  5. Gives you more confidence in handling interviews

Tips and techniques to build a strong profile

  • Work on your resume

Your resume is an important part of your profile. So, you should present it in a way that makes for easy reading for the university committee. Remember that this committee goes through numerous applications on a daily basis. Always use short sentences and do thorough grammar checks.

Create a powerful resume that highlights your strengths and weaknesses at the same time. While noting your academic profile, do not forget to mention other details like extra-curricular participation, sports achievements, published research work, and any kind of social service you may have done. 

  • Make your Statement of Purpose (SOP) engaging

Your statement of purpose provides you with an opportunity to present yourself to someone who does not know you and push them to understand why you are passionate about the course you plan to pursue.

You need to entirely focus on explaining the purpose of the program you aim to opt for. The SOP should comprise of a brief introduction of yourself, your academic background, career goals and also talk about the motivation factor that led you to pursue this program. 

  • Include your work experience

If you have worked with a company or done an internship related to the program you wish to pursue, it is a plus point for your profile. Your work experience gives a clear idea that you have got hands-on experience in the same field which you wish to study further.

Every university search for candidates who have some sort of work experience in the field that they are looking to pursue further education. When applying for internships, try to seek out well-known companies or international brands if possible. These names can add substantial weight to your profile.

  • Work towards building a well-rounded personality

Universities do believe in taking students who have a holistic and well-rounded personality. If you are one of those individuals with an impressive academic record and professional experience, it is time you need to shape up towards developing an all-rounder personality. You can be a sports enthusiast, possess entrepreneurship skills or may join a social cause. Do not forget to highlight all these in your profile.

  • Add a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Your credibility should be backed by an authority. This is the reason why a letter of recommendation is crucial to give a boost to your profile. Your college professors can be requested to provide letters of recommendation that highlight your achievements in studies and extra-curricular activities. These letters can also talk about other equally important skills such as leadership and discipline.

Letter of recommendation is based on skills like a good academic record, workplace achievements, creativity, motivation, communication skills, integrity, and other relevant skills.

  • Opt for online courses to strengthen your profile

If you wish to stand out amongst the thousands of applications for one particular program, an online course in the same area of interest will give your profile a major boost. An online course will strengthen your profile and help you gain a competitive edge over others in your domain.

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