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Interdisciplinary Approach to Film-making

Are you too interested in exploring the multidisciplinary learning approach that binds the art of film-making and find some film making courses, too? Well! If yes, here is something that will surely excite you. 

By The Acadru Team | Mar 16, 2022

Film making is one of the most fascinating and globally attracting field. Right from the next door Bollywood masala movies to the sci-fi based Hollywood charms, there is almost an endless list of films, one can talk about. However, very few of us might be having the apt idea about how the different niches and subjects work together to help create these mesmerising equations, characters and special effects that we enjoy on the big screen. Are you too interested in exploring the multidisciplinary learning approach that binds the art of film-making and find some film making courses, too? Well! If yes, here is something that will surely excite you. 

Before we begin, you need to understand the fact that one single film is a product of amalgamated equations of various subjects. We will be covering the same, here! This will be of great help if you are willing to study filmmaking in US or in India as well. 

Mathematics: The Magic Behind Movies      

Mathematics plays a vital role in creating your favourite characters, on-screen. Surprised? Well! Be even more surprised to know the names- Gollum, Woody, Merida, Neytiri and many more. The equations of Maths have helped imbibe the real touch to all those animated characters that appear so real on the screen. Most of Oscar-winning films comprises of the technicians and art directors who are actually mathematicians, researchers, and even scientists such that they inculcate the value of mathematics the right way. Film animators use middle-school  level concepts of linear algebra, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometric functions, etc to create such super-fantastic displays, on-screen. Wish to study filmmaking abroad, you first need to understand these concepts, too!

Science of Cinema- Engineering & Technology

Cinemas are truly based on the concept of Science and its applications. Right from portraying something on the screen in slow or fast genre or representing a black & white or coloured setup to making it appear silent or in complete action, real or animated, digital or celluloid, everything has a core connection with science and its applications.  Science and technology are adding a wide variety of spices to the world of entertainment. Application of science, behind the camera hasn’t just revolutionized but expanded the power of entertainment. Right from aesthetic story-telling tool to presenting the apt human emotions interpretation, AI tools have been an undeclared director for every cinematic reference.

Science of Music- Design

The only difference between a music and sound is the way we perceive it.  But, do you know how music directors make some songs hit the top charts and become the block busters! Well! It’s not just the mesmerizing musical composition but the additional benefit if science that gives the depth and added clarity to music.

Real science (and Arts) behind reel make-up

Remember Robert Downey Jr., 52 years old appeared just like a teenager in the film Captain America: Civil War? Well! That’s the magic potion of science that makes even the simplest actors appear like supermodels with perfect radiant skin and hunks exhibit their super-toned six-pack abs, on screen. Learn to add the spice of real magic of Science behind the reel make-up that will enhance your profile building for filmmaking courses.

Science fiction to Science fact- Literature

Film literature is the backbone of every movie. Science fiction remains to be one of the most fascinating storyline, since ever. All the imaginations and sci-fi fictions depicted in reel films come from the science behind. Science has made it easy to let the audiences visit the future with their intelligence and imaginations.

Proxemics: Study or ME or We- Design

Proxemics is a pretty fascinating study of human space. The kind of space humans like sharing and keeping apart from each other. Film making includes this concept in several forms and creations. The various rules of the study of personal space i.e. PROXEMICS is widely used across various domains including architecture, anthropology, psychology, interior designing, fashion designing, computer programmers, etc. Similarly, the power of proxemics plays a vital role in film designing and direction as well. 

Design-World building: The importance of setting in Fiction & Media

The fascinating world of fantasies and fairy tales has always attracted children. As a kid we all have remained in awe with the characters of Alice in Wonderland, Famous Fables, elves, dwarfs and what not. These fantasies would never have been possible without the involvement of design concepts. World building is the seed of all such character and their associated world building. We all at some or the other time have definitely felt mesmerized by existence of such a world, even if its not real but reel based. All kinds of children’s literature and associated world building remains to be the seed for films for children. Designing the world building patterns with associated fiction and media has let the writers spread their wings through evocative ideas and stories. All such famous genres like- fairy tales, stories of myths and legends can today possibly remain encompassed within the limited screen space. These teams to be an important factor of profile building for all your film making courses. 

Film making thus isn’t just a single domain based setup but an interdisciplinary learning approach. It takes multiple subjects, right from Science, Maths, Design, Literature and many more to catalyse the concepts of the fictional world and make them appear as fascinating as in its literature. In order to present the information of any story in an apt manner, various concepts and techniques need to come under a single roof. Right from literature building, to film making, music, cinematography and much more needs to be encompassed together to remain capitative and associative to the viewers at the same time. So, are you looking for some in-depth knowledge on the same? If yes! Don’t forget to take a look at the module to explore the world of mystics and enchantment at ACadru that offers complete project based learning.