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How to Write a College Essay?

Writing effective and creative college essays can majorly boost your chance of securing a seat at the top colleges. 

By The Acadru Team | Oct 25, 2021

College essays provide a golden opportunity through which a student can directly connect with the college admission officers. After filling the application form, appearing for the required tests, you should put your heart and soul and works toward the essay part. Colleges essays can work as a mirror depicting the true picture of yourself and can also serve as a voice of yourself.

Writing effective and creative college essays can definitely boost your chance of securing a seat at the top colleges. Essays act as a medium through which the admission officers can get to know about the unique traits and talents of a student which is not mentioned in the application form, as it is limited.

Now, let’s discuss some of the tips that you can follow to write an effective college essay and have an outstanding profile:

  • Length of the college essays

Some students commit a mistake of not sticking to the word limit and not reading properly the instructions provided by the colleges. This can serve as a negative point for you, as the admission officers might believe that, if you are not able to stick to the instructions provided then how could you would be able to follow the directions of universities programmes. So, be crisp and to the point yet effective. 

  • Adopt creative approaches

Admission officers come across several of college essays. But what matters the most is, that one thing in your college essays that could draw their attention to yours. Universities look for authenticity and quality of thinking, so don’t repeat the same things that the other candidates might have mentioned.

Trying being creative yet authentic. Use your inner voice to communicate the talents and skills you are possessing and why you should be selected from a huge lot of others.

  • Don’t focus exclusively on the past

The admission officers want to see the growth and development in you. So, don’t just focus on the past and mention exclusively the things that you did few years back. Rather you can include the journey you came through highlighting the growth and development of yours. The admission officers are looking for future oriented students who can become future CEOs.

You can describe as how you became the person you are today. How you learnt from your experiences and was able to withstand the adverse situations that ever came to you. When mentioning your experiences, make sure to mention how you felt at that time and how it changed your way of thinking. 

  • Asking someone to proofread your essay

After you are done with the first draft of your essay, start reviewing, editing and modifying it. It is obvious that you might have read the essay so many times in order to ensure that it is free from grammatical mistakes or typing errors. You aim to create an essay which is error free plus effective. 

So, for this you can definitely take the help of other person who would be reading your essay for the first time as they are likely to catch the mistakes that you can’t. Accordingly, then revisit and modify the essay. If needed, take help from an experienced study abroad counselor who can guide you in doing this.

Essays are the most important part of your IVY League Admission process, so spend a considerable amount of time and efforts to make them stand out.