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How to prepare for Ashoka University?

Ashoka University looks more than grades. This means that one needs to start profile building early to make yourself appealing to the university.

By The Acadru Team | Sep 15, 2021

A pioneer in providing liberal education with the best in the world, Ashoka University is one of the top 10 private universities. The aim of the esteemed university is to make all-rounder individuals who can think critically and become leaders with a commitment towards public services.

Ashoka started off with almost the same set of ideas and the founding members as ISB. It has the potential to completely change the way we think about undergraduate education (UG) in India, beyond the marquee IITs and St. Stephens. It has a very diverse promoter group, with some leading companies and corporate honchos onboard. They attract a faculty group that is perhaps the most brilliant group in any undergraduate program in India, but it also attracts visiting faculties from the best in the world and IITs, IIMs in India. It also enables them to attract diverse students with financial aids ranging to almost 100%. The quality of faculty ensures an education with depth and it shows in its students. 

Ashoka University admission is highly competitive as they follow a holistic admission process and candidates are evaluated on the basis of overall performance in academics, extra-curricular activities, and personality traits. 

Ashoka University looks for more than grades. This means that you need to start profile building early to make yourself appealing to the university.

One should have a well-round profile with a good mix of high grades, personality development, and extracurricular activities. 

Make your grades, activities, and skills match up to the best. Become a good writer as your essay will be making a great difference. Show your leadership skills in your application and prove to them that you will be a valuable asset to Ashoka.

Ashoka University admission process is divided into 2 stages - Application Round and Interview Round.

In the application round, the candidates are required to register themselves on the official website and fill in their personal details, academic performance, and extracurricular activities along with the relevant documentation to support them. Though not compulsory, candidates can also present the SAT/ACT test score. 

The interview round consists of 3 parts:

  1. On spot Essay writing – The candidate has to appear in essay writing. Two topics are provided and the candidate is required to write an essay on anyone within 30 minutes. This helps to assess the decisive thinking, ingenuity, and creativity of thoughts.
  2. Ashoka Aptitude Test – in order to weigh the judgment skills of the applicants, this test accounts for 20 problem-solving questioning and 20 decisive thinking questions.
  3. Interview – to know the candidates better, a compulsory interview is taken by the panel.

In short, to get into Ashoka University, one needs a good academic and extracurricular performance. One needs to be well informed about current affairs and confident in front of the interview panel. Critical thinking, creativity, and clarity of thoughts are evaluated with the help of an essay. The Aptitude test checks the thinking skills and the interview helps to understand the candidates better. 

The Ashoka admission help will give you an insight into the admission procedure and the important dates will be mentioned. It is advisable to apply early in the process as Ashoka’s session starts in the month of August. There are 4 rounds of Ashoka university admission process and applying early does have advantages.

Ashoka is known for their multidisciplinary learning and therefore making projects which allow you to do problem-solving taking into account your varied learning dimensions is critical. There are a lot of websites for online learning but most of them are covering text book content only.

But, ACadru is the only platform which is a library of multidisciplinary learning modules with interesting projects which you can commit to as long-term profile building activity. Do check them out. Look for an area of your interest. This will add credibility to your profile in your field of interest and give it a major boost. They also have team of ACadru mentors which provide one-on-one mentoring and help create differentiated profile to seek an admission in such competitive colleges.

Though academics are given a lot of weightages in all the competitive colleges like Ashoka, Plaksha, KREA, etc., but simultaneously board marks are no more a differentiator in a profile when 2 million students secure percentages above 90. Therefore, all these colleges have no other choice then to look for strong well-rounded profiles with good academics in their holistic admission process.

If you are dreaming to secure admission to Ashoka, have top-notch academic records. They ask for 10th, 11th, and 12th marks. You need to prove your consistency in being a good student. 

Extra-curricular activities and diversity hold a special place in your profile building. Ashoka excels in liberal arts education. This is where project-based learning plays an important role in your profile. A lot of weightage is given on such learning where the candidate has extra knowledge as compared to others. Diverse your profile.

During the interview round, students need to have strong opinion on everything and have to make sure to defend their answers with a strong and logical reasoning along with critical thinking and creative solutions. 

Leadership qualities is another area demonstrated in the profile. Ashoka focus on making leaders for tomorrow. Therefore, any leadership position like head boys/ head girls, cultural secretaries, sports captains, etc. are what they are looking to be a part of their campus. 

Your profile needs to be unique amidst thousands of other applications. It must grab the attention of the admission committee. You need to figure out your unique selling point and give importance to your strengths. 

While submitting your application, work on your resume and make it a point that it is concise and impactful. As for essays, your narrative should be a unique reflection of yours. One should be prepared to make multiple versions of your core essays. 

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is highly important and it should align with your overall narrative of your essays. 

Plan meticulously, as there is no magic wand for getting into Ashoka; the only way is to toil the field.

Ashoka University is a new beginning in India and the Ashoka University admission department is looking for something that separates you from the other applicants. All the Best!

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