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How To Build A Profile To Get Into Colleges Like Ashoka, Plaksha, Jindal, KREA, etc.

Given the fierce competition, as well as rigid academic standards, getting admission into colleges like Ashoka, Jindal, Krea, etc. can be quite tricky, but not unachievable. 

By The Acadru Team | Oct 07, 2021

Studying in colleges like Ashoka, Jindal, Plaksha, Krea, NMIMS, and others, is something that thousands of students dream about. These colleges offer a great deal of value and excellence in education, which is exactly why students aspire to find a spot in them. 

However, given the cut-throat competition and high academic standards, the only way one can get admission in one or all of these colleges is through hard work and meticulous planning. Remember, getting admission into these esteemed colleges can be difficult, but not impossible. Many students have managed to get their seats confirmed through perseverance and dedication. 

All that one requires is time-management and proper planning. You will have to prepare an adequate profile and work towards the same. Thus, if you plan and build your profile in time, it’s not difficult. Here, discover a few tips that will help you to secure a seat in these colleges. Read on or drop your queries here!!

When is the right time to start building your profile? 

As per a general viewpoint, about 80% of students start building their profiles for their dream colleges from grade 9th. The reality is that colleges take a close look at a student’s profile from grade 9 onwards. Hence, once you reach the 9th grade, you should start building your profile. However, you reach the 10th grade, and still haven't managed to build your profile, then don't worry. You still have ample time in hand.

Given the amount of competition, the only way to ensure admission to your dream college is by adopting a focused profile building approach to accommodate both academic and non-academic elements. In the past couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of students scoring 90%-95%. There are thousands of applications that keep pouring in against a few hundred seats. 

Your Profile Must Grab Attention

The problem is that almost all the profiles submitted by aspiring candidates look similar. In order to stand out from the competition, you must ensure that your profile grabs the attention of the admission board members right in the first instance. The selection committee members do not spend more than a few minutes on each profile. Thus, you must create an impressive profile to leave a lasting impression on all the admission board members. Remember, that your profile has only a few minutes to be able to catch the eye of the reader, which means it has to be unique and impressive. 

How to Create an Impressive Profile?

Students are expected to possess knowledge beyond their coursework and scores. If you can build your profile right, you can get ahead of other students in the competition. One needs to demonstrate their interests and excellence in extracurricular activities along with outstanding test scores to secure their position in these top colleges. 

Profile attributes that reputed colleges look for include:

· Aptitude in Mathematics, English and Logical Reasoning

· Personal interview

· Creative portfolio (projects done, initiatives taken)

· Group discussion

· Case study presentation

· Co-curricular achievements

· Extra-curricular achievements

· On-the-spot essay

· Leadership roles while in school

· Letter of recommendation (LOR)

Students need to have an understanding of the following: 

1. Thorough knowledge of what these colleges value in prospective students.

2. Accessing a profile beyond academics.

3. Critical insights on non-academic activities. 

4. Highlighting student’s profile effectively. 

So, if you are keen on pursuing your dream course in any of these colleges, then read on. Below, we have discussed some of how you can build your profile to maximize your chances of admission. 

1. Improve your Grades: Your grades will be one of the most crucial factors for ensuring your admission into these colleges. Hence, make an effort to improve your academic profile as there is no other short cut available. The first step is to study hard and score well in grades 9th-12th. These colleges look for consistency or improvement in student’s performance all through the high school period.

Colleges like Plaksha, Ashoka, Jindal, Krea, etc. have a minimum GPA requirement that you need to attain for your application to be considered. Though there is no mention of any cut-off percentage on their websites.

Be consistent with your exams and homework assignments. Remember, this would require diligent studying, but will provide extra credit to your profile. Participation and winning academic competitions will reflect your profile positively. Join few school clubs or societies of your interest where you can display your efforts and increase your visibility in these top universities.

2. Summer Job Advantage

Summer jobs or internships will help you to stand out. But along with it, try to engage in some summer extracurricular activities. Projects such as volunteering, creating your website, or even your own business, will show you as a proactive student in the eyes of the admission authorities. Besides, they will also help you to highlight your qualities of leadership and compassion in your profile. Thus, the bottom line is that you need to make full use of your summer holidays to add brownies to your profile. 

3. Diverse Profile: 

In the current scenario, scoring good grades is just not enough. An increasing number of students are scoring above 90% in their board exams!

Gone are the days when college admissions were only decided by marks. These days, colleges and universities look at a range of activities, projects, initiatives etc. in their applicant’s profile. And, the entire focus is shifting towards multi-disciplinary learning. So, working on projects based on multi-disciplinary topics is the key to gaining an edge over other students. 

This is where a diverse profile comes to your rescue. Hence, if you have acquired a new skill, other than your existing technical skills, through a certification course, then it will automatically add value to your profile. This is when your unique attributes will become valuable and increase your chances of admission. 

4. Strong Work Ethic

Colleges look forward to having students with an excellent and strong track record. If you want to stand out from other applicants, then you must display a strong sense of work ethics. Some good examples to display strong work ethics are through internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer programs. 

But don’t limit yourself. Try creating your own unique work. It will reflect your ability to take initiative and adjust your priorities, apart from providing you with real-world experience. A strong track record outside the classroom will play an important role in your profile.

It will create a good impression on the admission committee if you have a combination of achieving good grades along with extracurricular involvement in your profile. 

5. Demonstrate your Interest

The ultimate aim of all colleges and universities is to improve their yield. This means the percentage of students who finally enroll after being admitted is important for the college. For this, colleges look forward to assessing the students' interests. Hence, candidates can demonstrate their interest in the college by visiting the campus, or by scheduling an interview or taking a tour of the university. These activities will increase your chances of getting enrolled in college. 

6. Standout Essay or Personal Statement

If you want to level up your profile, personal statement and essays are the perfect weapons. You can create a perfect essay or personal statement by authenticating and well-articulated story. However, this requires a great deal of planning and perfection. Students with strong academics and extracurricular records also struggle with personal statements and essays. If required, get it to proofread and edited by experienced people. After all, you will need an impressive profile for colleges like Plaksha, Ashoka, Jindal, Krea, etc. It’s a matter of your dream college. Don’t feel shy to seek help if required. So, consult your teachers, parents, and career counsellors and seek their valuable assistance in preparing your application essay to ensure it is both interesting and readable.  

7. Letter of Recommendation

Most of these reputed colleges require students to submit a letter of recommendation (LOR). This letter is usually provided by your teachers, counsellors, or even employer. This adds a unique perspective to your profile and will ensure that the admission committee takes your profile seriously. 

Letter of Recommendation helps you to portray your skills such as good academic record, creativity, communication skills, workplace achievements, motivation, integrity, etc. Thus, it is always best that you create a positive image in front of your teachers and school authorities throughout your academic life. This letter of recommendation will help you to portray yourself as a genuine, respectful, and compassionate applicant with a strong work ethic. 

 If required, you can ask your teachers for assistance as they are best positioned to assess your performance and can vouch for your academic credentials. Others who can provide you with a letter of recommendation are coaches, mentors and counsellors with whom you have worked. A letter of recommendation will provide you with a greater insight into your personality and help the college to assess why they should grant you admission. 

8. Unique selling point

Remember, a good number of applicants may have a better academic record than you. Hence, you must figure out your USP and highlight the same in your profile. Begin by jotting down your strengths and include a certification program to validate your strengths. Categorize your strength under academics, professional, technical, or communication. Remember, identifying your unique selling point is crucial for profile building. 

9. Your Resume

Create a powerful resume which highlights your strengths and weakness too. Make it relevant and include important information. It will enhance your application and help you to prove why you are better than other applicants. Cover topics like academic achievements, extracurricular activities, work experience, research publications, community services, and other details. 

10. Engaging Statement of Purpose 

Showcase your skills, passion, and interest in the course you wish to pursue to create an impressive statement of purpose. Make sure you focus on explaining the purpose of the program that you wish to pursue. Typically, your statement of purpose should start with a brief introduction about yourself, your academics, your career goals, and include the factor that motivated you to study in the esteemed college. This will require you to conduct a great deal of research about the college as well as the course that you wish to pursue. You must show the college that you will be an asset once you have passed from the institution. 

 11. Connect with the University Alumni

Connecting with alumni will help you to better prepare yourself for university. Insights from alumni members will provide you with valuable information about the admission committee and what the admission board usually expects in an ideal candidate for admission. It will also help you to strengthen your profile in areas that increase your chances of admission.

Most students connect with alumni to know more about the university, the program curriculum, and attributes that are unique to the college. 

12. Connect with the Professors of your Dream College

By connecting with the professors of your dream college, you will increase your chances of securing admission. Visit the college website and find out more about the faculty members with whom you wish to connect. Reach out to them via emails. This will help you to introduce yourself to the faculty members. Remember, a personal touch really helps.

13. Internship

Apart from the program, you must also focus on doing internships in the same field, as it helps enhance your profile. This will help you to establish your academic achievements in the domain. Work experience is always a good way to indicate that you have hands-on experience in the field you wish to pursue. 

14. Well-rounded Personality

Colleges like Ashoka, Jindal, Krea, etc. believe in enrolling students who have a holistic and well-rounded personality. If you have an impressive academic record, then you must focus on developing an all-rounder personality. Whether it is sports, music, entrepreneurship skills, or social cause, don’t forget to highlight it in your profile!

Build up your leadership skills by organizing events, cultural festivals, and other fests. These will help you discover the various characteristics of the leader in you.

Organizing blood donation camps, teaching underprivileged children, or helping the members of the old age home, are some civic initiatives that you can undertake. Raise funds for a social cause and include the details of the same in your profile. 

Pursue your hobbies and actively participate in school clubs and activities like drama, dance, choir, etc. Do not lose an opportunity to become a part of a foreign exchange program in your school. Volunteer to take responsibilities. Be sensitive to society by participating in service groups. Initiatives that are benefitting the society are encouraged during college admission. 

15. Publish Research Work

Published research work will help you to highlight your research skills and academic interests. It indicates that you will be an asset to the research community in the college in the future. 

Go the extra mile by conducting extensive research and uploading your work on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. But be extremely careful about it and don't forget to remove any content that may interfere with your admission process. Hence, if you have any research paper, then get it published and mention it in your profile to highlight your research skills. It will help you gain an edge over other applicants.

16. Strengthen your Profile by doing Online Courses

Online courses in a similar domain will add credibility to your profile. It will also show your interest in that specific area of study. If you want your profile to stand out amongst other applicants, an online course in a similar domain will give your profile a boost. 

Pursue online courses from reliable websites like, or Complete the program on time and add credibility to your essay by mentioning the same. 


Remember, there is no magical formula to get into your dream college. But the right approach, and a strong profile, will help you to project yourself as a strong and suitable candidate. The above-mentioned points will help you to create a strong and unique profile that the admission committee will review in a positive light. Plan and work meticulously towards it and maximize your chances of securing admission. It needs simple hard work and consistent preparation. Always remember, nothing is impossible if we put in hard work and dedication. 

Be positive and confident. The admission process can be a roller coaster ride. But you must never give up. The key is to remain positive, confident, organized, and plan your steps towards in the right direction. Stick to your dream and reach for it. 

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