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How Mentoring Helped Me Achieve My Objectives

If you know what you want in your lives, a mentor can help you catch it in the most positive and truest sense.

By The Acadru Team | Jan 04, 2021

Credits to Shivangi Walia for this Blog.

‘A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and believe it can be obtained.’  - Shawn Hitchcock

It’s easier said than done, they say!  A powerful mentor bridges the gap between what is said and what can be done. I always thought that one does not need any advice and help when it comes to their career and future but, I was wrong! We might think of “n” number of possibilities and options in our life but what shapes it as a perfect choice is what matters. The kind of clarity and sustainability I wanted in my choice of field and in terms of my work, I got it from the right mentoring. I was a little unsure about what will happen, the pros and cons of it, whether I’ll be able to understand and make a mentor understand my needs and desires, and whether he/she will construct a right path for my professional journey.  All my doubts got cleared when I met Abhishek, my mentor from ACadru. Mentoring is a scary thing. You are vulnerable as you completely trust someone with your journey and professional growth. But, It’s the best thing one can ever receive because it is the perfect balance of professionalism and empathy.

Mentoring not only helped me choose the right course of education but also made me believe in myself and my abilities. It made me understand that my characteristics as a professional are non-negotiable and I can think of achieving whatever I thought for myself. It also showed me that the right direction can lead to great experiences as a person and a professional. The right kind of mentor always shows that unabashed confidence in you which you lack in yourself. I got all of that! It helped me shine as bright as a diamond and made me look at things as confidently as a sunflower looks at the sun!

A right mentor knows how to shape your thoughts and direct them rightly. I started my journey with my mentor as a very confused youngster who is unsure about everything in terms of her career. I had no clue what I will do, how will I do it, what is that I actually want to get into, will I do justice to what I do, etc. These were vague thoughts that made me sleepless at nights. What inspired me through the journey was my mentor. He instilled so much confidence and trust in me that it made me feel librated. All my uncertainties were put to rest  when he applauded the skills I possess. The entire course of work that was especially designed and curated for me by my mentor was fun to do! The time to time meetings, adjusting attitude, grounded heart, knowledge of the world; all of that inspired me to give my best. At ACadru, they believe in customizing and curating each learning-module in accordance with your skills and that helps you build a personality that outshines everyone else.

My mentor told me, ‘Who you are is what you should sustain and cherish, be proud of that! And what you aspire for is not so farfetched. Just work hard to achieve your goal.’  This was all all I wanted to succeed at a professional and educational level.

I highly recommend everyone to have a mentor in their life. Remember what you want in your lives, a mentor can help you catch it in the most positive and truest sense.