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How Dynamics Of Sports And Careers In Sports Are Evolving?

As parents we let kids pursue sports only when they showed exceptional talent towards a particular game. The advancements in technology and other fields have given rise to new set of jobs in sports. 

By The Acadru Team | Sep 10, 2021

Olympics are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. The Olympic Games are considered the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. The Olympic Games are normally held every four years, alternating between the Summer and Winter Olympics every two years in the four-year period.

Olympics Tokyo 2020 is happening in the times where world has already entered in 2021. Strange but true we are enjoying 2020 Olympics being in year 2021 with the same zeal and excitement. 

Olympics is the greatest show where you don’t want to miss any of your favorite events performed by 205 countries and having the highest fan following of any sports event, cheering the players of their own countries and wish to get as many medals as their country could win.

Olympics happens every 4 years where every athlete dream to participate and win medals for their country. But, in between those 4 years they practice for other events, keeping in mind to improve and get selected for Olympics. How Olympians are improving their technique with the help of the underlying science behind the sport? This in turn has allowed them to set new records every other year, which was not possible earlier. They are also training in special labs, called sports labs which help them increase their physical capacity. This itself is a breakthrough in sports in many ways. And, off late, Games are becoming more technical too. This change from physical sports to technical sports has been possible with the help of Sports Science. On the other hand, application of physics in sports has helped in reducing injuries during the game. One of the best examples is the use of levitation in American football to reduce head injuries. There is no doubt that sports performance is multi-disciplinary in nature. It is the effective management of the various sport science disciplines into a multi disciplinary team approach that can make all the difference.

Athletes and coaches need to be aware of the physiological, biomechanical, psychological, nutritional, medical and immunological issues that can impact their competition performances. Scientists study their body movements, analyze their body mechanisms and improve their skills. How do they do it? Sports science helps them evaluate each movement during an activity by showing how each joint moves, the forces that affect the movement, and the timing and coordination of muscle activity. 

Winning the game doesn’t depends only on the techniques an athlete commands on but also how a sports person regulates his emotions and handles the pressure of the game. Therefore, the psychology and the mental health of an athlete plays an important role to perform better in high-stress environments. This opens up to a relatively new and demanding field – Sports Psychology. Self-talk is one of the ways to enhance motivation and performance of players. And now a days even the best players have admitted to mental issues in media. This has made this field more relevant and accessible. Jobs are also growing in this area. 

And Olympics 2020 has altogether changed the conversation of athlete’s mental health. It is not the first time that athletes have been undergoing severe mental issues due to acute pressure of performance. In fact, Michael Phelps has talked about his depression which he bore after the first Olympic win. But the only change was that athletes have now come up with the issue in open and have chosen to accept & address it. It was so good to see that Simon Biles, one of the all-time great players, chose to stand for herself and therefore stepped aside in Olympics. 

In the end, I would like to say that those days are gone when, as parents we use to let kids pursue sports only when they showed exceptional talent towards a particular game. The advancements in technology and other fields have given rise to new set of jobs in sports.