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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, a great advice by Confucius that we seldom follow. 

By The Acadru Team | Feb 01, 2021

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, a great advice by Confucius that we seldom follow. Because it is not always simple to identify what you love and pursue it professionally. And that is possibly one of the reasons why career pivots are so common. It allows people to make agile transitions and follow better paths for themselves. With technology evolving rapidly, access to information and newly developing learning domains excite most people. Currently students or professionals, many of them are thinking about career pivots to change the trajectory of their professional career.

For many of us, we may be stuck in a role or a course where we may have high skill but low passion. There is a constant urge to pivot into a zone which has high skill and high passion. The journey from current to desired goal determines a pivot. And that calls for getting ready for friction, unsettling periods, disruption in career focus, absorption in a new passion and periods of stretch to clearly find what are your innate interests and how can it help you build a career around your interests. Because research suggests that people who pursue their passion are found to have lesser stress levels and greater happiness quotient. 

Charting on a new career path takes longer than one can expect. You go through periods of deep reflection and exploration followed by research about the possibilities of a new career and future jobs. Preparing yourself for a marathon to gather knowledge and insights about unique topics around your areas of interest. These areas could range as diverse as Agriculture technology, new economic frontiers, power of exponential thinking, photography, design innovation, how plants talk, understanding maths in nature, animal kingdoms and their social systems, future of fashion, genetic engineering, use of emojis in business, psychobiotics, climate change, spoken word poetry and the list is endless. Modern day pursuits seek an idea-discovery platform that gives access to multidisciplinary online learning modules on unique topics to create careers aligned with your passion and challenges of the future. ACadru is that platform targeted at high-school students and early professionals focused on multi-disciplinary learning. The platform is presented as a library of content modules which help the learner get an in-depth idea, explore projects and build deep skills - to help acquire critical 21st-century skills through an interest-based curriculum focused on projects. 

How ACadru helps you to acquire 21st century skills required for future jobs?

A CADRU (means a compass in Roman) is a framework that point students and professionals towards future jobs. It is a free learning platform that provide access to multi-disciplinary online learning modules on unique topics to create diverse career options aligned with the user’s passion and challenges of the future. 

  • A learning module is a collection of best blogs, videos, and journals from credible & reputed sources such as New Yorker, Wired, HBR, NASA, Fast Company, etc. put together through a compelling narrative.
  • Mini projects are part of a learning module for better understanding and gaining hands-on experience on the topic.
  • Exposure to main subject areas that students have little to no understanding of in mainstream education. In some cases, practical applications of mainstream subjects are also highlighted
  • Profile Profile/CV building activities will help students and professionals to build job skills for today and the future.
  • It is a discovery platform for national & international competitions and free online courses of EDX, Coursera and other reputed learning sites.

What sets it apart from other sources is that the content is curated from the most trusted sources in the world woven together in a narrative that makes for an interesting read. Not just insights but it also focuses on their application in a fast-changing world. Not just high school students, but the platform benefits college students, professionals looking for jobs, senior professionals looking for a possible career shift and professionals planning to get back to work. It is a self-mentoring platform that helps to develop new skills, attempt the mini projects and also get credible certifications to add to their CV without any guided assistance from teachers or counsellors. Each module builds connections in the learning environment, spark ideas and curiosity and inspire fresh perspectives to learn about a new discipline. These modules have a huge impact on the learning process and skill-building of the students. With every module a compelling story is put forth that accesses the highest quality of content to build new insights.