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5 Common College Admissions Myths

Students work hard, diligently and passionately to secure a seat in their dream college but there are few myths about the admission process in the colleges which need to be busted. Some of them are as follows.

By The Acadru Team | Dec 01, 2021

College admissions can stress out even the calmest person. When students apply to colleges, they think that they are well aware of the strategies required to crack the admission at the college and secure their seat. Well! This is not the case. There are admission officers with years of experience sitting and evaluating you. If you try to act as a different person than actually who you are then they can easily catch you.

Whether you are applying in top Indian colleges or you want to study abroad in top Ivy League colleges. The college admission process is a rigorous one.

Students work hard, diligently and passionately to secure a seat in their dream college but there are few myths about the admission process in the colleges which need to be busted. Some of them are as follows:

  • I have A+ grades across my academics

If you have a perception that you are exceptionally good in your academics and you surely will get selected. Then let me tell you, you are wrong. There are lakhs and lakhs of students with A+ grades who are applying as well. Admission officers want people from various fields, they want to enrich the campus with variety of talents and not just one. Of course, grades matter but when it comes to the admissions than other curricular activities, your passion projects, and internships also matter a lot.

  • I need a huge list of extracurricular activities

As discussed above college admission officers do look for some sort of extracurricular activities rather than just academics. So, if you have skills or talents like dancing, singing, or you are good at sports then that’s brilliant. You can even get involved in the social activities, but make sure to do one thing and to be perfect at it. Remember the phrase which says, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

  • Private colleges are more expensive

Private colleges are considered to be far more expensive than government colleges. Students from an average background believe that they won’t be able to reach there ever. But that’s not the case. 

Many private colleges have endowments that allow them to grant scholarships to the students which reduce the high price tag. In some cases, the fees get equal or below the fees of a government college. Many private colleges provide easy loans and their repayment are really easy and often huge scholarships are also provided.

  • Essays don’t matter much

Many students believe that college essays can be written by just copying, pasting and sending it to different colleges. The college admission officers are experts in their respective field. Obviously, they read a lot and can easily judge the quality of your essay.

So, don’t be in a perception that the essays don’t matter. Instead try writing the essays in a creative manner so that it can attract the attention among all other essays. Its most important quality is to be authentic and real, don’t try to act anything, just be real.

  • The more recommendations, the better will it look

This is also one of the biggest myths among students. What are you trying to compensate by adding so many recommendations? One or two recommendations is fine only if the recommender is well aware of things that can add value to your profile. You should search for such teachers and mentors who know you really well and can richly present an idea in context to the work ethic, growth, personality and character. 

Find a counsellor/mentor who will understand your requirements. Do not wait for the results of board exams to tell you who you really are. Your options are not limited to your marks alone. Start profile building now with the help of because the right time to begin is right now.